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Brier Creek Land and Timber provide landowners with diverse capabilities and a high level of credibility in the timber harvesting business.

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The first pine thinning consists of harvesting inferior or diseased trees in your pine stand. This is the first step in bettering the growth of your stand, with enabling the remaining stand to grow and flourish for later harvests. The approximate range is 12-18 years old.


The second thinning continues to improve overall forest health by coming back to the same stand after site conditions reflect it is time and targeting inferior, diseased, or out of uniform trees. The range is 16-22 years old.

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The final harvest will take place 5-7 years after the second thinning, depending on the landowner’s end goal. This one is mainly done for growth to reach log size timber maturity for aesthetics, or to clear-cut the stand and start over with the reforestation process. A final harvest of the forest will benefit the reforestation process.


We have the unique capability of being able harvest wet areas. These skills are used in low ground pressure areas and wet areas that conventional logging crews cannot access due to the ground conditions being too wet or steep.

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Merchandising Timber

Before we do anything, we provide you with a free on-site estimate that gives you a conservative estimate for what we believe your timber will be worth. We ensure you that you will get every dollar out of your wood as you possibly can since we sort and process every bit of the tree that we can.

Reforestation Facilitation

While we don’t do reforestation duties ourselves, we do assist in the facilitation of it. We provide you with reputable and high-quality companies that will be able to assist you with your reforestation needs.


We also participate in facilitating reforestation. We recommend dependable, professional companies that can assist you in your reforestation effort. Briar Creek Land and Timber promotes good stewardship of your property.


We strive to please landowners in every aspect of our job and treat your wood as we would treat our own. Our timber professionals are uniquely experienced in being able to give you a conservative estimate for the wood on your property. Call us today at (229)-733-1898 to set up the free on-site consultation to receive your estimate.

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