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Frequently Asked Questions

Brier Creek Land and Timber provide landowners with diverse capabilities and a high level of credibility in the timber harvesting business. We are here to answer all of your timber-related questions.


Since every stand is different, this is a difficult question to answer. We will have to look at the stand of trees to give you an estimate. We often look for size, quality, number of trees per acre, ease of access to the property, the conditions of the soil, and the types of trees that encompass the stand.

 We determine this on an individual basis. No acreage is too small.

We primarily cover the southeast, focusing on Georgia and South Carolina. However, we will work with anyone anywhere.


We strive to please landowners in every aspect of our job and treat your wood as we would treat our own. Our timber professionals are uniquely experienced in being able to give you a conservative estimate for the wood on your property. Call us today at (229)-733-1898 to set up the free on-site consultation to receive your estimate.

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